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Youth Dance Program

"The children stole the show with their shining faces and natural charm!"
Wilma Salisbury, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Csárdás Youth Ensemble is a unique program that celebrates the universal joys of ethnic dance. The ensemble has performed in a variety of venues in the region and beyond. The program founded in 1996 by Founder, Richard Graber, has proven to be a wonderful experience for youth performers as they learn about Hungarian culture, music and dance, develop coordination skills, meet other children and experience performing at an early age. Csárdás reveals the richness of a unique culture through performances featuring a broad range of dance dialects and styles.

Csárdás Youth Ensemble has helped children as well as adults inquire about and get acquainted with their own ethnicity. In doing so, the activity helps bridge gaps of second, third or later generations through the art form of dance. Equally as important and valuable, dancers learn proper dance studio/company etiquette, which will accompany them throughout their school years and into adulthood. Dancers also are put in an environment to learn from different instructors and choreographers with varying teaching styles and techniques. Lastly, they develop an awareness of their own style and let their emotion develop through the art of dance.

Past Csárdás Youth Ensemble performances have included the Severance Hall with The Cleveland Orchestra, Ohio State Fair, Kent State University, Cleveland Museum of Art, Kod?y Music Educators Conference - Cleveland, Blossom Music Center, The Cleveland PlayHouse, Middfest International (Cincinnati), Wagnall's Memorial (Columbus), Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, Playhouse Square, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Music Hall, Trinity Cathedral, Early Childhood Music Program (a program by Chet-Yeng Loong, Ph.D. of Music at Baldwin Wallace College,) Lorain Palace Civic Center, Kenny Crumpton Show FOX-8 television, as well as many schools and educational facilities throughout Ohio. Csárdás Youth Ensemble has also performed in conjunction with many world-renowned dance companies such as The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and Budapest Ensemble.  Dance instruction and choreography has been with such honored dance masters such as Sándor Timár, former artistic director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and Mihai Babushka of the Romanian National Ballet.

Csárdás is pure joy, high spirits and excitement!


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